Dear friend,

What I’m about to share with you might seem outrageous, in one sense…Yet possible.If you ever wanted to live your version of the good life meaning having your dream business, dream job dream house, dream partner, children and family. Then what you about to read may prove to be the most valuable information ever. Because you’re going to witness how these three success principles will advance your lifestyle as it has a nation of 38 Million people. In fact you’ll be exposed to how it has changed that nation’s cynical ingrained mindset towards money, wealth and happiness.

But first let me introduce myself.

I’m Matthew Grzesiak

(Pronounced “Gre-shack”) – Psychologist, Consultant, Trainer, Author and Speaker & Phd in Economics.

In the past 13 years, I’ve published twelve bestselling books, shared the stage with thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Andy Harrington, Robert Cialdini, John Maxwell, Richard Bandler, Jack Canfield, Blair Singer and Brian Tracy.

I’ve regularly appeared on TV and Radio shows, and travelled to 120 countries.

The Global search
for simple success principles.

The reason for visiting this many countries was to crack the success code.

The reason for visiting this many countries was to crack the success code. So ordinary people could be shown the simplest path to reaching their most sought after goals. What I discovered was remarkable.

The cultural differences towards work, money, family, wealth, success happiness and raising children was eye opening. In fact mind boggling, because of the mind-set adopted by these countries was in some cases positive, in others very negative almost defeatist.

I thought to myself imagine if you could take the best success traits from around the world and replicate them. Wouldn’t that be terrific!

The Birth of a New Success System

It was then the epiphany hit me.

What if I could create a simple, yet fast way to affect lasting change to help you reach your most treasured goals in all areas of your life?

Immediately I began to map out the frame work for…

The Life and Career Management System (LCMS)  

Which would be a one of a kind course providing self-development insights into five key areas covering;
Work / Business, Relationships, Parenthood, Personal Pursuits & Community.

Inside the success system would be three power principles, which lead to rapid change.
They are your:

Ego Management System
Emotional Intelligence
Communication Skills

Let’s suppose you have three goals you want to achieve in the next 18 months.  

Developing better relationships with your partner and/or children. 

Learn to ski so you can have a winter break holiday in the Alps 

Learn Spanish which will allow you to work internationally whilst satisfying your passion for travel 

No matter what your goals are the “LCMS” will lay out specific action steps to create new
success traits enabling you to realise your goals.  

How The LCMS
Impacted The 9th Largest Country In Europe
by Replacing Old Code!

As you may know my country of origin is Poland, “Poles” have many positive traits such as strong work ethics, adapting to new environments and an appetite for learning new things.

Yet inside our national psyche lies destructive thought patterns around money, which is very much a taboo subject… Also Poles have a natural tendency to distrust people especially those in business.

Recently I heard a crazy story of a well to do businessman who wouldn’t upgrade his car, fearing people would think that he had earned the money illegally.

Simply outrageous!

Shortly, you’re about to discover just
how the system really works
What’s your answer to the question below… 

Does everybody deserve to be happy? I’m hoping you said “yes”.

Happiness comes in many different forms, which can be hard to define. Unhappiness on the other hand, is easy to identify; you know it when you see it, and you definitely know when it’s taken a hold of you.

Psychologists from the University of California who study happiness found genetics and life circumstances only account for about 50% of a person’s happiness. Therefore happiness is the product of your habits and your outlook on life (read sentence twice).

We’re now going to look in more detail at just how the LCMS addresses happiness, because in my opinion there is no lasting success without finding true happiness.

  • Learn how to evade entering into a unhappiness tailspin, leading to wasted years of living a hollow existence
  • Discover the number 1 reason why people are dissatisfied with their current lifestyle and how to change it
  • Unveiled How to align all areas of your life, to bring balance and order to attain the purest form of happiness and fulfilment. (Which goes way beyond the old work / life balance maxim)


  • How to rid yourself from self-doubting demons inside your head by flipping the script when you have thoughts saying you’re not worthy, you’re not good enough & you can’t have that
  • Why your career choices have a huge bearing on your personal happiness. (The frustration of making poor choices that have far reaching consequences).
  • Does your business or career feel like you’re running on a treadmill sapped of energy leaving you irritable & moody… Even a social outcast at times?
  • The No1 reason many employees are unhappy on their job and what you can do about it?
  • How to break through “Glass Ceiling” syndrome in your career even if you’ve been overlooked & undervalued dozens of times before.
  • What every single employee / employer should know about the psychological effects of doing mundane tasks at work. Watch video 5 for the full expose - this will shock you when you realise the lasting effects!
  • The single worst mistake you can make when moving in a new career direction, which destabilises the family environment…
  • How to spot the deadly professional career traps causing chaos in your Personal Life.
  • How to land your dream job using the Matrix questionnaire, which acts as a career compass.

The Emotional Intelligence Principles! 

Emotional intelligence is something that directly affects your quality of life, level of happiness and degree of self-satisfaction… 

Here’s just a small sample of what you’re about to discover regarding emotional intelligence on how it works in tandem with the other principles 

How to cultivate strong emotional Intelligence so you don’t succumb to society social norms and exceptions…
How to use your emotional intelligence to skilfully increase output in your business almost immediately.
5 areas in which you must have higher awareness of emotional intelligence to sustain great relationships.

The Ego Management Principle 

The Ego regulates Your self-esteem, Your self-worth, Your self-image, Your self-confidence and Your beliefs about situations You encounter. This part of the mind act as the mediator between the conscious and the unconscious and itsresponsible for your personal identity.In videos three to four you’ll have a revelation of just how important replacing old ego codes are. As it controls almost everything you do.  

  • You’ll instantly understand the role your ego is playing in your life, past and present,
    in-terms of shaping your destiny from childhood to adulthood (When you gain these insights major transformations can take place faster than you could ever imagine.
  • Learn how to change your inner ego belief systems to live a rewarding lifestyle based upon your wants, desires, goals & dreams.
  • Unveiled the 6 crucial environments to upgrade in your lifestyle to help you live in a “no limit way”. In video 3, I walk through the Environment Matrix… You’ll probably say to yourself why didn’t I think of that.
  • I will disclose how to use the ego management system to break the spell like hold… Surrounding your phobias currently keeping you in a mental jail cell indefinitely, but not any more once you know the exact button to push in your mind ego control panel. Your life will change for the better.

How To Nurture And Build better
Using The 3 Power Principles

Now you should be seeing how the power principles of Ego Management plus Emotional Intelligence influences your decision making process.
Now let’s explore how the LCMS can transform relationships with your important family members. Here’s a preview of the epiphanies you will have when reviewing the content regarding relationships.  

  • 4 things you need to know to develop a healthy relationship with your partner
  • What you should do if you ever feel overwhelmed and need to release pent up tension without dumping it on your partner like toxic waste. This simple communication tactic will ease the tension and diffuse 90% of conflicts in the home…
  • The 3 reasons why you should inject spontaneity into your relationship, which will work wonders for relationships especially if you’re married
  • How deploying active listening skills will help to bypass 90% of all miscommunication leading detrimental disagreements between you and your partner
  • You’ll discover the simple secret rules of communication so you will never be misunderstood or have those conversations which start with the classic line “I thought you meant…” and you say “that’s not what I meant”
  • Discover why stagnation between the sheets affects personal relationships. The pros, the cons And the best way to remedy it.
  • As the saying goes “The eyes are the windows to the soul” learn to communicate at a deeper level with the x-ray eye technique, when sharing the way you feel about a situation.
  • Revealed the truth about money and how it can impact your relationship. I’ll give you insider facts that seem inconspicuous yet are essential as you become mature in age…
  • How to use correct language patterns when you speak to family friends and co-workers for better outcomes in meetings, discussions and presentations
  • Why You Need to cultivate altruism in your business for greater success as technology advancements are rapidly changing the way we live and do business.
  • Why you need to understand how to communicate with different personality types in matrimonial relationships because it helps to prevent the breakdown of your relationship.

Phew we’ve covered quite a lot in the last section, all about boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse and the martial side of personal relationships.  

Now in this part of the programme we examine how the system helps to improve managing one of the greatest gifts in the world – children. 

From raising kids the right way with positive self-esteem, to how to be able to converse with them, a total art form in itself.

  • How to juggle home plus career and still be an upstanding parent without feeling guilty. About the time you spend at your job
  • The No1 way to communicate with teenagers using the power of the D.O.C formula
  • How to ensure your child does not model bad parent behaviour…
  • The two damaging words you should never say in contextual or spoken commutation to children which will crush their personality.
  • Why you need transparent code of conduct between parents and children.
  • How to prepare your children to become more responsible before reaching adulthood
  • What you should know about language patterns to remove communication confusion and improve your child’s self esteem
  • The essential traits you must teach your children that they won’t learn at school to become standout world changing citizens of the future.

By now even though we’ve just quickly glanced at the incredible success programmeyou can begin to get a feel for how comprehensive it is, so now it’s time to reveal;  

How YOU can make progressive change
in Just 21 Days 

You now have an unparalleled opportunity to charge towards your goals with a proven process which bridges the gap of having visions boards, affirmation statements and traditional goal setting methods. 

When the LCMS was released back in 2015, my personal goal was to condense the best concepts into a step by step course, making it hands down easy for you to make lasting change in the most important areas of life.  

I have a confession to make it was very challenging to do.
Because I’m a perfectionist. 

Which was one of the reasons the course was released in countries withstubborn ingrained thinking resistant to self-development.

I wanted to put these power principles and concepts through Ultimate Challenge just to the see if breakthroughs would happen. And they did.

Check out what past student are saying about
their change in fortune since taking meaningful action.  

"I decided to enroll for LCMS to achieve my full potential in business. I wanted my company to be a leader in our niche. In order to do so I needed personal growth and LCMS was an ideal system for this need. After implementing LCMS my company grew by double in a year, and became a leader in our niche, serving over 6,000 customers. This resulted in us opening branches in other countries, going beyond my wildest dreams.” Daniel Wozniak | Director, Insurance & Compensation
"After using LCMS in practice I experienced a huge increase in my efficiency at work and gained inner peace. Now I live in harmony, instead of being in constant chaos and on a roller coster of emotions. Thanks to discovering how to divide and take care of the different roles in life individually, I now do everything on time. I feel fulfilled and happy. I can really enjoy relaxing, instead of constantly thinking about work.” Eva Parker | Teacher
"LCMS taught me how to manage the different personalities that exist depending on the place or the person you are interacting with. Thanks to LCMS I have gained a deeper relationship with my two daughters, I can't express my thanks enough for this. I finally stopped talking and started listening to them. If I had to decide again whether to buy LCMS or not, I would make the same decision - YES!” Jennifer Green | Business Owner

The content inside
of the LCMS programme is rock solid

Here’s what you need to do next to get complete
access to this breakthrough which contains

  • 20 videos packed full of Instructional information in a user friendly step by step format
  • Webinar with Matthew, so you can ask any question, and get a solid answer
  • Instant downloadable workbook with easy to follow exercises that accompanies the the videos,
  • Access to the elite membership site where students of the LCMS share best practices and interact
  • Exclusive MP3 Audio, listen on the go
  • 24 hour online Access to all resources

Additional Exclusive Bonus
to accelerate your personal transformation  

Bonus - The Influence, Persuasion Mindset & Marketing

Over 4 hours video training packed with great content from expert friends, Leon, Phil, Rob & Holly - over in the UK. They will lead you through 4 main areas of Influence, Persuasion, Mindset & Marketing! Take advantage of this Awesome Bonus Now as it’s NOT available nowhere else!

You will learn:

Bonus value: $370

INFLUENCE Module - The 5 Step Sales System that allows you to wield greater influence when selling your product without coming across like a sleazy salesman peddling their wares door to door.

PERSUASION Module - How to influence you’re audience using the same power positioning secrets of charismatic leaders, politicians, Business Gurus - Used routinely to get unprecedented attention for their brands.

MINDSET Module - Mastering your inner game … to break through self limiting beliefs, crushing the internal power struggle between the conscious and subconscious mind.

MARKETING Module - You will get the real low down on How to fill your sales pipeline to bursting point with highly qualified prospects primed to take Action using a Combination Lead Magnet system.

Our NO Quibble 30 DAY Money back Guarantee

This program is helping thousands of people and I know it can help you to be the best you can be. But I also know that there are far too many “too good to be true”, fly by night promotions online, which can cloud your commitment to a programme like this.
That’s why I invite you to test drive the program 100% risk free. And if you feel that it doesn’t meet your exceptions simply send an email to us requesting a full refund within days.  


  • 20 core LCMS Videos ($497 Value)
  • Webinar with Matthew, so you can ask any question, and get a solid answer ($497 Value)
  • Exclusive course MP3, listen on the go ($197 Value)
  • Bonus - 4+H Training Influence, Persuasion, Mindset & Marketing (370$ Value)
  • Total value: $1,561


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If you have any questions or concerns about the course email us.
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  • 20 core LCMS Videos ($497 Value)
  • Webinar with Matthew ($497 Value)
  • Exclusive course MP3 ($197 Value)
  • Bonus ($370 Value)

PLUS Join me for
One-to-One 1 Day Coaching
You get $1,000 for your flight & hotel
& bring One person with You
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  • 20 core LCMS Videos ($497 Value)
  • Webinar with Matthew ($497 Value)
  • Exclusive course MP3 ($197 Value)
  • Bonus ($370 Value)

PLUS Join me for
An Exclusive Online Mastermind
10 people only! Plus a 15min call
with Matthew One-to-One!
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If you have any questions or concerns about the course email us.
We are happy to help!

Check out what past student are saying about
their change in fortune since taking meaningful action.  

"Before LCMS I had problems with controlling my emotions, I would get angry very fast and I would stay in this negative state for long periods. I work with people so I wanted to fix it. Thanks to The LCMS I have found a method to create myself with all of the characteristics important to me. After implementing LCMS into my life I got a promotion at work with a higher salary and benefits. I’m a better manager because I learnt techniques to manage myself around different people. Plus my relationship with my husband is now much closer - life is bright! I feel fulfilled and happy! ” Julia Lewandowski | Director, Real Estate
"Thanks to the knowledge I applied from the LCMS, my wife and I understand each other much better, the same with my children and parents. As I spend time with them, I do it 100% focused without being distracted, for example; checking my e-mail when I play with my child. At work, within 10 months I doubled my sales targets comparing to the entire previous year. All this happened because I looked at the different roles I have in my life and learned how to apply these roles at a whole new level." Michael Cunningham | Business Owner
"I was a very shy person, doubted myself and gave up on all what was important to me. I was in a dark place. The LCMS course provided a simple and affordable way to create a new me, which I desperately needed. Thanks to this, I gained greater self-confidence and self-esteem. As a result, I secured a big pay rise at work. This was phenomenal! I believe in myself again! I started to exercise and take care of myself. This course allowed me to find and follow my passion." Maria Sosa | IT Specialist


1. What will I get with LCMS? 

2. Do I need to do LCMS at certain times or I can access the material anytime I want?

3. Is there a guarantee with the programme?